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firstとはAbout First

At rental kimono First, we are working everyday to provide to our customers the best quality of service and to offer some of the best precious memories in Kyoto.

Kimono rental

For a special occasion or to enjoy sightseeing, we have a large selection in our shops from formal kimono to more casual kimono. Available in any season for any situation, we also offer a kids kimono rental service.
All of our kimonos are from the best quality brand. In our shops, you can rent some high-quality kimonos at reasonable prices.
For every rental plan, we prepare all the accessories that are needed to wear the kimono, so you don't have to worry about anything and you can come with empty hands !

Kimono dressing・hairstyle

Our staff are all kimono professional and have many years of dressing method and hairstyling experiences, so your hair and your kimono will stay beautiful all day long. About the hairstyles, we will advice you what suits you better rather than choose from a catalog. Of course, the hairstyle price is always the same, even if you as for a special style.

Our shops

All of our shops are located near famous tourist spots, so it will be very convenient if you come to visit Kyoto. We keep all your luggages so you can enjoy sightseeing without carry it !

Photo shooting

We are very happy to assist you to offer you an unforgettable experience. We take you to Kyoto’s must go spots and secret spots only for Kyoto’s locals for shooting.
  1. 小紋プラン
  2. 二尺袖プラン
  3. 振袖プラン
  4. 袴プラン
  5. 男性着物
  6. 子どもプラン
  7. 浴衣プラン