Q&A|kimono rental in Kyoto  (first)Q&A


Do I have to bring anything the day I come to rent a kimono ?
You can come with empty hand. Everything is included in the rental plan. We will prepare for you everything that is necessary to dress you up : shoes, bag, socks, kimono underwear, legging in winter, etc.
I made a reservation but what if I want to choose another plan when I come to your shop ?
You can easily change your kimono plan even on the day of your reservation ! Feel free to choose your most favorite one among all of our kimonos !
Can we go take a look of the light-up around Kyoto with kimonos ?
Of course ! You can enjoy the light-up of famous spot during autumn and winter, the Gion Festival in summer and even dinner all dressed up with kimonos since our shop has the most late return time of Kyoto, until 9pm.
How much time does it takes to be ready ?
Kimono dressing and hairstyle take 30 minutes to be done. If you take any option like make up (etc.), it will take approximately 1 hour. Please notice that in busy period, you may have to wait a little more.
Do you have some kimonos for the Age Celebration Ceremony or the Graduation Ceremony ?
We have some furisode, hakama, homoungi and tomesode available. You can choose it through our website or directly when you come to our shop. On the rental day, you can be dressed at our shop or anywhere you want since we have a special delivery service for the whole country.
Is it a problem if I don't speak Japanese ?
There is absolutely no problem ! Everybody in our staff have a basic english level so there will be no communication trouble.
I didn't make a reservation, is it still possible to rent a kimono today ?
Of course ! Please ask the front staff to check with us if the kimono you want to rent is still available.
Can I get a hair ornament ?
The hair ornament is included in the hairstyle and we have various style so you can choose the one which suit you the most. In case you would like to keep it as a souvenir, all the hair ornament are also for sale.
Is the Hotel return option available ?
If your hotel is located in Kyoto city, it is of course available. Moreover, that service is sometimes unavailable so when you make your reservation please contact us to confirm it.
What should I do about my clothes (bag, etc.) once I dress the kimono ?
We keep all of your luggages in our shop (except valuables), even suitcases.
Until what time can I rent a kimono ?
Most of the rental shops around Kyoto close at 5 or 6 pm, while our shops offer you the longest rental time. Return time is until 9pm (8pm on sunday and national holiday), so you can enjoy sightseeing at your own pace.
Can I rent a kimono outside opening hours ?
If you contact us in advance by phone, we can find an arrangement that may please you such as early morning rental.
Can I get a hairstyle even if my hair are short ?
Of course ! We will advice something that will suit you with the kimono.
Can I get a hairstyle ?
Of course ! If you rent a kimono, you can get a 500 yen discount on the normal price 1500 yen (excluding tax). Our shop is also a professional hair salon so our staff is particularly skilled and will provide you the best hairstyle service.
Can we choose our belt and our bag ?
Absolutely ! From the kimono, to the belt, bag ans shoes, you can create your own coordinate ! (except for the up-to-us plan) If you are not sure about what to choose, feel free to ask our staff, they will gladly help you to find what suits you better !
Do you offer (take) ceremonial photographs and location photography (photo)?
Yes, we offer (have).
Our plan includes
✓ professional photographer’s fee
✓ travel fee *taking you to all the photogenic spots in Kamakura/Kyoto.
✓ photo session fee
✓ all data (all photos taken each spot.)
We also have (offer) photo albums as an optional service. We have different types of albums, please ask our stuff for more details.

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Can pregnant women rent kimonos?
Kimono rental is not possible during pregnancy.
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