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To make a reservation please fill up the following form or contact us by phone.
In case of a reservation though our website, please make it at least two days before.
If you want to make a reservation one day before or the same day you want to come, please note that we accept only reservation by phone.

Reservations from this page are "tentative" reservations.
Please note that the reservation will be made after the store contacts you.

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Reservation informations


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※If you want to reserve at a time which is not available in the menu, please contact us by phone.
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  1. 小紋プラン
  2. 二尺袖プラン
  3. 振袖プラン
  4. 袴プラン
  5. 男性着物
  6. 子どもプラン
  7. 浴衣プラン